Affection a Mundial

I have a dream…………. & I have a mission to do

It is called  Affection A Mundial; A  no nonsense creative complementary development program
Our goal is to make people conscious and aware of their mental and physical vitality and to connect their skills in affection all over the world.

Affection A Mundial supports and with your help is going to support more projects for the children in the world because:

Every child has the right to be loved, the right to have education, the right to eat healthy food and drink clean water and to develop him or herself in an honest and healthy way.



May we invite you?

You are a professional in business healthcare or education and your challenge is to develop and deepen your awareness and identity.

By participating in our vitality management development program and Journeys  you achieve:

  • More rest in your mind, better focus and concentration
  • Stimulates your mental and emotional creativity
  • Better energy balance. Boost for your resistance
  • And stimulates the happiness vibes and find your Elan Vital

Let your Journey begin and find out what your ultimate challenge is.

Ask yourself

How long ago did you dance, did you sing and did you hear a story which was really touching you and did you felt the affection right inside of your heart?

Come and join us in our complementary creative no nonsense management program and find your Elan Vital again.  

Imagine … by sharing and connecting all our skills and talents we can help the vulnerable children all over the world.  

Start your Mission now and live your dream, you are meant to be!!!

Vitaliteitsprogramma's Affection